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Through the Lens: Unveiling the Stories Behind My 2014 Calendar


I haven’t done a calendar for awhile and I really have wanted to. For 2023 I thought I had a great supplier and I did like the quality of the prints but I didn’t like the quality of the binding at all. I had a very hard time turning the pages on my sample without the pages tearing so I decided it was better to just not to release it. 

On to 2024 with some photos I am very fond of an hope will give you all a lot of smiles through the year. None of these photos have been featured on any of my calendars before. They are not all from 2023 but they are all important to me.

I am publishing this page to let everybody see the images ahead of time to help you decide if this is something you want on your wall or perhaps to give as a gift.

The link to order is:  https://tinyurl.com/ECPhoto2024Calendar

On to the photos.

Cover Image - Annular Eclipse

I chose this for the cover because I like it of course but also because of how it all came together. I had thoroughly planned everything out for when the sun would rise, when the moon would merge and where to stand to have the lighthouse just right. Of course the clouds obscured it all so I adapted until it cleared enough which makes it even better for me.

Annular eclipse over lighthouse
statue of liberty during blue hour


After checking the weather the night before I decided the cloud forecast looked interesting. When I woke up it looked bleak but I drove down anyway. As I watched the sky while driving in I had some faint hope. In the end I had about a 15 to 20 minute window of this type of light then it went away. I count myself very lucky to have captured this.


I always like shooting the Barnegat Lighthouse at sunrise. This was a great morning with interesting clouds. There were just enough to mute the sun a bit and then I was blessed with a Coast Guard patrol cruising back in.

The U.S. Coast Guard and the Barnegat Lighthouse
sunset on Ocean Grove New Jersey's newest pier


A bit of a starburst sunset with the new pier at Ocean Grove New Jersey. The water doesn’t look as green in this as it does from directly above but still a tinge.


Branch Brook Park in Newark New Jersey is one of the great places in the U.S. to see the blooming of Cherry Blossoms in the Spring. I like taking a mix of landscape shots but also like the beauty and delicacy of the close up blooms.

Cherry Blossoms at New Jersey's Amazing Branch Brook Park
A Bumblebee Pollinating


The return of pollinators in the Spring are always welcome. New Jersey has a lot of great gardens and arboretums that attract them and bumblebees are among my favorites. I often like capturing them flying tub there was just something about this shot that was special for me.


I found out about this amazing sunflower field near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. It is the Lesher Poultry Farm. There are some great sunflower fields in New Jersey but I have never seen any that rival this. The owners are great too. I contacted them to make sure my drone was OK and they were very accommodating.

Sunflowers and lone tree
Lake Hopatcong Lake House


How amazing is this? This little beauty is in Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey. I had contacted a local marina about flying my drone there and it all came together with some nice fog as a double bonus.


Hummingbirds are among my favorite subjects. I love the challenge of their speed and unpredictability. This is one of my favorite hummingbird shots ever.

female ruby-throated hummingbird
Pennsylvania Covered Bridge


This is one of dozens of covered bridges in Pennsylvania. It is called the Pack Saddle Covered Bridge. I have read that it is the only covered bridge in Pennsylvania that has a waterfall under it. I have some other shots that include the waterfall but overall I like this one better.


I was roaming around in Northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania, ending up in New York at 10 Mile River where I found this small but interesting waterfall. I really liked this composition with the action and the amazing Fall colors.

Small Fall Falls at Ten Mile River
Renaissance in West Virginia


One Fall day I was winding my way through West Virginia and saw this. (Yes, driving slowly because me being me I was looking for compositions) There was just something about the muted colors in this that reminded me of old oil paintings. I like my bright Fall colors but this is overall one of my favorite shots.


This was a VERY cold day in Kentucky. The wind chill was below zero as I remember it and obviously the snow was still falling. Any skin that was exposed was very numb. One of those days where you feel like your face muscles have misfired. Somehow the horses didn’t seem to mind.

Horses and Snow

Back Cover

When I wandered into this bamboo forest and saw the sun peeking through I knew I needed a tiny aperture to capture the suns star. I got my tripod laid out flat on the ground then did the same with myself and was fortunate enough to capture this shot.

Thanks for looking and I appreciate you considering purchasing a calendar!!! I have enoyed putting it together!!!

Purchase Link:  https://tinyurl.com/ECPhoto2024Calendar


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