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Arizona Part 2 – The Indescribably Vast Grand Canyon

Arizona's scenery is amazing. This is the second of 2 posts I have for my brief Arizona jaunt. I really enjoyed this dry landscape so different than the forests and shore I am used to.
South Rim of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is, of course, absolutely massive. Just shooting with a really wide lens wasn’t going to get it done for the grand vistas from where I could stand and drones are not permitted in U.S. National Parks. For my vision of it I needed some multi-shot panoramas to represent it well. 

To capture these I use a tripod and shoot absolutely everything setting is manual, nothing including focus is automatic. These are also done with the camera in a vertical position so they aren’t just wide slivers. The mechanics of it are that I shot left to right with at least 1/3rd overlap for each of the shots.

If you are there with a cell phone using its pano function should work well.

All of these look better large and will print at larger than 6′ wide. If you click them you  will get a better idea.

Multi-shot Panoramas

Single Shots

No stitching, mostly no cropping other than to make the aspect ratios 16:9 on some and a small amount on some others to cut out distractions.  

Idiot Alert!!! Idiot Alert!!! Idiot Alert!!!

It wasn’t enough that this complete idiot HAD to stand in a spot that a gust of wind could result in a fall of thousands of feet. He had to do it over and over and over again jumping back and forth to the tripod.

That really wasn’t enough either. He had to do it in flip flops.

I have no idea how far the vertical is on this fall but he is standing at an altitude of over a mile above the river below and the cliffs are steep.

Other shots not actually in the park

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