About me

By trade I am an IT professional.  I have worn a few different hats which you can see on my LinkedIn profile.  I am currently in a contract position working as a project manager for a hedge fund.  Very interesting work in a part of the financial industry that I had not worked in before.  The environment is challenging in very interesting ways.  I have no idea how long this run will be but whenever the contracts stop getting extended I will take away a lot more than money.  All in all a very satisfying engagement.

My primary hobby these days marries my technical proclivities with my artistic side.  Photography has pretty much always had technical and artistic elements and today it is certainly true.  I don't specialize.  I love nature and make sure to have a good camera with me every time I camp but I also like shooting events, staying at a distance and catching real reactions from people.  I like photos that are true the original scene as I remember it but I also enjoy adding my own twists as is the case with The Ghosts of Grand Central below.

I also enjoy camping, skiing, pretty much anything outdoors.  Over the past few years of Kathleen's and my son Scott being in High School I have taken thousands of photos of wrestling and track which is a bit like wildlife photography in many ways.  It is learning the creatures, how you anticipate where they will be, focusing on the eyes, etc.  I learned in my adult life, not too long after 9/11, that I actually have some modicum of artistic ability and have worked with pencil, pastels and water color.  I'm not great by any means but it's not paint by numbers either.

I am an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America which has shaped my live in many ways.  Scott soon will be as well which I am very proud of.  I have worked closely with the local Cub Scout pack and then the Boy Scout troop over the past few years, also serving as the troop's Eagle Scout Chairman.

I enjoy many types of music, art, comedy as well as TV and movies.  I still tinker in programming, maintaining the home network, figuring out how to bend my Android devices to my will. A bit of Arduino knowledge.

I usually like to start my days early, working my way through a few puzzles to see how the brain is working before I push it in the real world.

That's about it for now.