Ed Catlett Photographic Arts

Who am I

I am a lifetime outdoor enthusiast, I enjoy camping, hiking, boating, etc. When I was young my parents fortunately introduced me to the Boy Scouts of America where I learned so much and eventually earned the rank of Eagle Scout. I love to capture and share what I experience, sometimes as realistically as I can but sometimes re-interpreted.

In my photography and in life in general, I tend seek out simplicity. I look for contrasts in luminosity, colors, textures and distances. For me these contrasts turn the everyday sights that we all see into something worth capturing and sharing. 

I hope you enjoy these, share them. I should have my site for print purchase up and running again soon so, of course I appreciate anybody who likes my work enough to purchase it.

If all you ever do is browse here from time to time that is great too. My intention is to ride into my sunset continuing to take photos of scenes I love and to share with anybody who wants to see them.

If you do like what you see I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment on my Contact form!