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Laurelwood Arboretum a fantastic place for a long nature walk

Magnolia Bloom

Exploring Laurelwood Arboretum

The Laurelwood Arboretum (their Facebook page) at 725 Pines Lake Dr W, Wayne, NJ 07470 is a must visit and best viewed several times per year. The blooms vary throughout the year and they also have some interesting sculptures along the walking trails.

They have an interesting mix of wide open areas along with more focused areas that provide a wide variety of landscape and flora photography but also GREAT areas for viewing / capturing pollinators. 

For now this post will focus on the flora and fauna but sometime soon I will try to capture some of the art and add them to the page.

I went back on 7/27 and 7/29 and boy am I glad I did

I didn’t wander much, basically sticking to 3 main areas, the Sensory, Pollinator and Rock Garden areas. The really cool thing was getting to meet one of their horticulture managers. I would mention her name but have no idea if she’s OK with that. She gave me some fantastic advice that helped me hone in on some photos to capture, including the wasp photo below. 

If you are in Northern NJ this is a must visit if you like nature. They have by far the most pollinators that I have seen so far in 2022. They also have several hummingbirds that can be seen and heard without feeders needed as well as lots of goldfinch.

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